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Application questions and answers

I want this position because I’m an ambitious entrepreneur who loves learning about how to build successful products and services that can help millions of people.  I’m always brainstorming new business ideas, ways I can improve solutions, and solve problems.  I feel excited at the opportunity to go behind the scenes and learn about a framework that can help others launch their business ideas.

I’m also enthusiastic about the opportunity to learn from and work with intelligent and creative people.  I always enjoy challenging myself and collaborating with driven teams.  I find it’s more fun, energizing, and productive.  I would love to expand my thinking, make new friends, and learn new ways to solve problems.

I will describe 3 things I believe are the future of online courses through an example of a future course: Playing the Piano.

In the future piano courses will be:

  1. Personalized Courses through Artificial Intelligence
  2. More social and have more collaboration.
  3. Immersive with Virtual and Augmented Reality

1. Personalized Courses through Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence will be used to monitor your piano performance.  It will be able to assess your strengths and also your weaknesses.

An AI will be able to determine your current playing level, learning style, and personal goals to create a customized lesson plan uniquely for you.  

Imagine you play a piano song and you get instant feedback.  The program would tell you where you did well and the areas you could improve.  You would be provided specific steps and instructions to follow in order to continue making progress.

Your customized learning plan will be tailored to take into account what works for you and what you will enjoy and likely follow through.  

2. More Social and More Collaboration.

People sign up for courses all the time that they never complete.  I believe a way we can address this situation in the future is by making courses be more social and collaborative.

With the rise of Covid, more companies are going to be investing in building and using collaborative tools that will improve teamwork. 

Imagine a student wants to learn piano.  But instead of practicing and going through the course by themselves, they are placed in an online group where they will work with other piano students.  You will learn the course with your fellow students as if you were in school together.

The goal of the course will not only be to learn the piano but collaborate with your fellow students.  You will work together to create a song and hold each other accountable.  Learning will never be a solo journey but be a social gathering.

3. Immersive Virtual and Augmented Reality Courses 

In the future, virtual and augmented reality technology will allow you to seamlessly immerse yourself with your content.  Tools like Microsoft Hololens have already begun testing out how to create a more enriching virtual environment.

You will be able to learn from your teacher who will appear as a hologram projection to critique your finger positions and playing posture.  You will be able to play music with your friends and perform in front of an audience as a virtual band.   You would be able to collaborate with anyone as if they were really present in your home.  This would all be part of your course completion concert 🙂 

Here are 5 ways I can immediately help you:

1. I’m a creative thinker who will bring you fresh ideas

I’ve been part of an online business community for the past 5 years.  Being part of this community has exposed me a lot of current and emerging trends on how to launch, improve and scale online courses. I’ve connected with people who have shared their ideas on launching successful courses.  I’ve learned and implemented their best strategies.  I’ve also attended panel discussions on all aspects of growing a business such as marketing, developing courses, improving landing pages, customer acquisitions, sales etc.  If you hire me you will never be short of ideas to implement.

2. I understand the problems of your core audience.

I believe the best way to sell a course is to understand and solve the problems of your audience. Given my business and startup experience I believe I can provide you with valuable insight into the mind of your potential customers. 

I’ve been running a successful online business for the past 10 years.  But I’ve also had lots of ideas that have failed.  I know what it’s like to have an idea not work.

I’ve been in a startup Incubator, Bizdom U, where I developed the business plan for an online peer to peer tutoring service for engineering students.  Ultimately this idea was not viable and I could not launch.  

Currently I’m creating a minimum viable product for a new app idea that lets you discover, share and save the best parts of a podcast. 

My business ventures can help guide you on which solutions would actually be valuable and enticing for your audience to purchase.

3. Experienced With Teaching Entrepreneurship.

I host weekly webinars for people interested in launching new businesses.

I create the agenda for the meeting and invite other entrepreneurs for a panel discussion.  I provide feedback on business ideas and strategies.  I also suggest resources/books (for example Lean Startup By Eric Ries and Will it Fly By Pat Flynn) on launching businesses. I’m used to providing feedback to a broad range of entrepreneurs.  From someone who wants to scale a business to someone still searching for their business idea.  I know how to speak to them, understand their blocks, and give feedback that helps them get results.   

4. Developed and Improved Online Courses

I’ve consulted businesses on how to package and improve their online courses.  For example, I have used Kajabi to curate the course content and outline for an online virtual business leadership mastermind course for Lions Pride Leadership.  I also designed the landing page for teaching people how to play piano for PianoTV.  

5. I’m a Self Starter.

I have run my own successful online business for the past 10 years.  I’ve learned all aspects of running a business on my own. From creating websites, writing articles, designing landing pages, creating marketing campaigns etc.  I’m driven to improve processes, build systems, and grow without needing any external motivation.  

Here are some examples of landing pages I’ve launched and just made for my own amusement.

Tools used: LeadPages, Elementor

Online Piano Course Launch

Online Course Landing Page

I created an online content site for auto accident claims ( ) and I’ve made over $1 million through it. 

The number one marketing channel was content marketing.  I wrote over 200 Search Engine Optimized articles that brought hundreds of thousands of visitors every year through organic traffic.  

Yes I do 🙂

You can access it here