Eating Vegan Diet – Day 10

Day 10

Made it to double digits days in a row.  Sweet.

Here’s how day 10 went:


Muesli bowl with almond milk and fruits and avocado toast.


Leg Press

Bench Press

Pull Ups

Made some slight progress on bench press and pull ups.  So far energy level still good.

Post workout Meal

Protein shake and banana


Brown rice, lentils, sriracha tofu and brussel sprouts.

I used a pre-marinated sriracha tofu from Trader Joe’s.  Blehh.

Was not a fan of this. I thought having ready made tofu would taste good and save me time. Never again haha.

Food Shopping : $60

Was time to stock up the fridge with some groceries from Trader Joe’s


Was feeling lazy so just warmed stuff up in the microwave.



Black beans, brown rice, avocado, and cauliflower.

I was tired and just wanted something to eat.  So I simply made some quick food.

This meal was ok.  I realized I’m not a big black beans guy.  Even by adding some spicy flavor with salsa and sriracha I did not enjoy this meal much.  It was fine for a one time thing but I would prefer not to eat it again.


I wanted to use premade stuff because I thought it would save me time and the taste might be better.  However, the tradeoff is these packaged items have a lot of sodium in order to keep them preserved. I probably would have been fine with this if the meals tasted amazing.  But clearly that’s not a guarantee.

So the lesson here is spend a little more time to make my own food.  It’ll be tastier and be healthier. Win – win.

Guess I have to sharpen my cooking skills 🙂

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