Eating Vegan Diet – Day 12


Some oatmeal with almond milk and fruits.

And of course some avocado toast 🙂


Went to the gym.  Did the following exercises:

Leg Press

Back Row

Shoulder Press

Post Workout:

I used a frozen pack of spinach, 2 bananas, and 2 cups of almond milk.  

Aside from the mess I made this was a pretty good meal to prepare.  Lots of nutrients and high protein (almost 20g).

I may add in some almonds to improve the taste but overall it was a nice refreshing drink.


Daal, brown rice and brussel sprouts.

This daal came out a bit better than my previous attempt.  That or I’m just getting used to my bad cooking.


Tofu Clay pot curry.  This was by far the most delicious thing I had this month.  I’d love to believe I made this but I sadly currently I did not.  Ordered from a Vietnamese place in Jersey City (Saigon Cafe) and it tasted soooo good.  I finally enjoyed eating tofu. So makes me think it’s not what I’m eating but how I’m preparing it.

Maybe I need to marinade tofu more to really pack in the flavors.  Will see if I can google this recipe and try it for myself.


Days are going by and being vegan feels normal.  Even feels strange saying I’m vegan because I don’t feel any different.  I haven’t divided my life as pre-vegan post vegan yet. Maybe I’ll feel differently if I start noticing any major shifts.  For now it’s just another cuisine I’m diving into and seeing if I enjoy it.

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