Eating Vegan Diet – Day 14

Day 14:

2 weeks now completed.  Feels like only yesterday I started 🙂

Here’s how Day 14 went….


Oatmeal, almond milk, flax seeds, and fruits.  This is by far the simplest and most fulfilling meal to enjoy.

I just pour 1.5 cups of oatmeal and almond milk, pop into the microwave for a couple of minutes, sprinkle in some flax seeds, and throw in some frozen fruits…..and voila.

I like this better than my overnight cold muesli bowl since I like a warm breakfast.


Leg Press

Bench Press

Pull Ups

Made improvements in all the lifts.  Increased rep range and weight in all these movements.

Post Workout:

Vegan mocha protein shake and banana.  A tasty treat after a good workout.


Leftover daal, brown rice and brussel sprouts.


Today was the first day where I felt some difference.  I had a busy day and I didn’t get to workout till late in the evening.

I was thinking of not going but I noticed my energy level was good.  I wasn’t overflowing with energy I just noticed I wasn’t tired. This was a bit strange since my last meal was 4 hours earlier (the oatmeal).  I worked out and felt good afterwards.

I’m not sure if this is because my body is finally benefitting from being 2 weeks vegan, the fact that I had a nutrient rich oatmeal breakfast, I had a good sleep the night before ( I slept more than 8 hours because I just wanted a break) or combination of all of them.

Either way it was noticeable so hopefully it’ll continue.  Looking forward to seeing how I feel at the end of week 3.

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