Eating Vegan Diet – Day 15

Day 15:

Starting Week 3.  Here’s how day 15 went…


Oats, almond milk, and fruits.  This meal alone leavs me feeling full for hours.


Avocado toast

Snack 2:

A quick mocha protein smoothie.


Veggie burger with salad.


Week 3 is off to a good start.  The only “challenging” part was going out to dinner with my non-vegan friends.  We picked a place that would at least give me some options.

It was interesting seeing how many meals had animal products in them.  Even with my veggie burger I had to remind myself to ask them to remove the cheese.  The burger itself tasted really good.

The sad part was there were no Vegan dessert options 🙁

Why have dinner if you’re not going to have dessert??  Not hard to give me some oreos and coconut ice cream. But I guess that’s not “healthy”.  Society man haha.

Let’s see how the rest of week 3 goes.

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