Eating Vegan Diet – Day 16

Day 16

Here’s how day 16 went…


Started the day off with some almonds and cashews.

Tofu scramble with peppers, peas, avocado toast and sriracha.  This baby’s real easy to make since I have all the peppers and onions precut.


Daal, brown rice, and brussel sprouts.  This seems to be my go to meal when I don’t know what to eat.  So far I haven’t gotten tired of it.


Mixed up some frozen spinach, banana, and cashews with almond milk in the blender.  It came out kind with a slushy texture which made it feel like it was almost dessert.  Still haven’t quite nailed the ratio of ingredients down but adding the cashews did make it better.


Another lazy Sunday so just ate what was easiest to make.  Will have to cook something this week so the hunt is on. I’ll try to cook some “non” daal meals 🙂 .

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