Eating Vegan Diet – Day 18

Day 18

Here’s how day 18 went….


Avocado toast with some Sriracha for some spiciness.


So I had to finally cook something today.  I decided to go for something simple: chickpea salad.

Had a few cans lying around and figured it wouldn’t require a lot of ingredients.

Step 1 : How NOT to Mash the chickpeas.

This turned out to be more difficult than I initially thought.  Started off with a fork and wasn’t making much progress. I realized I probably needed one of those stone bowls and smashers.  Sadly I did not have one.

But fear not I got the next best thing….a jar of Nescafe coffee.

Some beautiful mashed chickpeas.  Next stop Top Chef.

Next I added some avocados, lime, tomatoes, salt and pepper and Voila….

A good ol fashion chickpea sandwich.

It got a bit thick once I closed it.  Me thinks I added too much chickpea to contain in one sandwich.

But oh well. At least it was filling.  

This ended up being my lunch and dinner.


Closed off the night with some mocha protein shake.  Yum.

More cooking:

The chickpea sandwich was going to only last me one night so I decided to cook some tofu red curry.

I don’t have the skills to make this yet so I decided to use a premade curry from Trader Joe’s.

Everything was looking and smelling good.  I was going to have food to eat tomorrow which might actually taste great.  Vegan life was looking good.

Alas it was short lived.

AFTER I already cooked my meal I decided to take a peak at the nutrition label and ingredient list.

Holy high sodium batman.

I guess I expected high sodium from premade curries but this was ridiculously high.  Especially considering since the recommended daily amount is 2500. I’d easily surpass that with one meal!

I probably would have been fine with it for this one meal but I also noticed it had some cholesterol.  That seemed odd since it should not be using animal products. What gives red curry?

Turns out egg yolks is one of the ingredients.  Well that sucks.

So I made some semi tasty red curry which I cannot have because it has too much sodium and some animal ingredients.  Another fun adventure in cooking.


Overall I guess I can’t complain.  I made a decent chickpea sandwich. Will have to test some things out to improve the flavor.

As for the red curry I should check the labels next time before buying.  That or I should learn to cook. I guess we’ll find out if my laziness will overpower healthy eating.   Let’s see….

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