Eating Vegan Diet – Day 19

Day 19

Another day in the books. Here’s how it went…


Made some tofu scramble with lots of spinach.  

Was going to eat it plain but decide to sandwich it up.

It was a workout day so decided to carb up with some oats, fruits, and almond milk



Leg press

Back Row

Shoulder Press

And some basketball.

Lifts stayed pretty much the same as before.  Will have to push myself harder next time. Gotta get them gains.

Post Workout:

A protein shake.


Leftover tofu scramble with brown rice and roasted cauliflower.


Pretty uneventful day.  Didn’t feel like cooking but since my previous tofu curry meal didn’t pan out I had to make something quickly.  Fortunately tofu scramble is pretty easy for me now that I have most of the stuff prepared ahead of time.

Will have to find something else to eat tomorrow.  Might be takeout day. One day at a time I guess. See you tomorrow future meal.

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