Eating Vegan Diet – Day 21

Day 21

Week 3 is over.  My Vegan trial is now old enough to drink.  Let’s see how it went on day 21…


Workout day so I gots to load up on my carbs.  Had myself a nice bowl of oats, almond milk, and fruits.


  • Leg Press
  • Squat
  • Pull Ups
  • Basketball

Felt like I had good energy today and was able to get a solid workout and pickup game.

Post Workout:

Got my banana and a mocha protein in my Liberty Mutual sports drink bottle.  Yay free promotion swag.


Had to cook today so I made an indian chickpea curry.

Ended up having this for both lunch and dinner with some brown rice and brussel sprouts.

Fried some onions and mixed in some cayenne pepper, turmeric, ginger/garlic paste, tomatoes to make the gravy.  After that just had to put in some canned chickpeas and let them cook. I was worried about having too much sodium in the canned chickpeas so this time I made sure I washed them a bit before adding them to the pot.

This turned out to be quite tasty dish.  So I think this will be in future rotations.


Felt like week 3 went by pretty quickly.  Must be because of all the holiday stuff. Only 1 week left.  Let’s finish strong. Vegan Power!

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