Eating Vegan Diet – Day 26

Day 26

Day 26 was pretty good.  Here’s how it went.


Start off strong with some oatmeal and avocado toast.


Decided to cook something simple: lentils and spinach.

This came out surprisingly tasty and so simple to make.  Just fry onions, add some garlic paste and lentils and just let it cook.  While it cooks make spinach separately and add in some cumin powder. So simple even I could follow it 🙂


My friend Alyssia was kind enough to make a vegan cooking video for me so I now had to do my part and follow through.

The recipe was pretty straightforward.  I made some small adjustments like using almond flour instead of white flour.  And we were off.

While the muffins bakes I kept my self occupied by finishing off the leftover batter

Why throw this away?  Someone should just sell this ala Seinfeld Muffin Tops.

30 minutes later….

Bam.  Look at those tasty treats.

These came out so good.  Very light fluffy and tasty.  I was eating them and thinking man I can’t believe I made something which actually tastes good.  Now I can’t to make them again and try other vegan recipes.

Sad part is I will probably gain so much weight eating these now haha.  Winter’s bulking season right?


Closed off dinner with some leftover chickpeas.

Don’t worry chickpeas I have not forgotten about you.  You know you’re my first vegan love


Lots of cooking today but it wasn’t that bad.  The recipes were simple and I had most of the ingredients.  It was encouraging to see how tasty meals may not require as much energy and time as I initially thought.  Even if I wasn’t vegan I’d still enjoy these meals. So that’s a good sign.

Now I just have to find more recipes and have Alyssia make more videos 🙂

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