Eating Vegan Diet – Day 6

Day 6:


My usual tofu scramble with some avocado toast.  Yea I’m millennial baller now.


I ran out of some pre-cut ingredients today so I decided to make a small batch of chopped onions and red bell peppers for future breakfast meals.


Chickpea curry season is over. So I had to cook.  I took a stab and made some daal and had it precooked frozen brown rice from trader joes.  Having this brown rice ready to go make things easy. Just pop it into the microwave and enjoy the healthiness.

The daal came out ok.  It was a bit mushy for my taste.  It was also missing something. What’s the technical culinary term…..flavor.

Definitely not how mom used to make it.

I’ve asked my mom to show me how she cooks and whenever I observe her she makes it look so simple.  Yet I always mess up. The woman’s a sorceress.

To make up for the lack of flavor I added more salt.  Better but still lots of room for improvement.

Good thing I made 3 cups of it to last me the week.  Live and learn man.


A nice cold mocha protein shake for the hard days of cooking.  


Today was a bit of challenge since I didn’t have any stuff prepared.  Cutting up the veggies and having some “delicious” daal for the next few days should give me some room to try new recipes and make improvements.

First road bump but nothing too bad.  See ya soon Day 7.

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