Eating Vegan Diet – Day 7

Day 7:

1 week completed.  3 more to go 🙂

Here’s how Day 7 went…


Muesli bowl with almond milk, flax seeds, and fruits.


Avocado toast with some sriracha.


  • Leg Press
  • Bench
  • Pull ups

My lifts increased. So it’s good to see switching to Vegan diet so far has not negatively impacted my performance in the gym

Post Workout:

Banana and protein shake.  Quick source of post workout carb and protein.


Some home cooked daal and frozen brown rice and brussel sprouts.


Daal and brown rice.  Same as lunch minus veggies.  


First week is done. I made some basic meals in batches so I didn’t have to cook a lot. I bulk bought groceries and had it delivered via Amazon.

I’m glad I was able to be consistent and was able to be completely vegan for the past 7 days.

So far I don’t feel any different positively or negatively. It feels very normal.

I haven’t felt any burst of energy from the plant nutrition nor any feelings of my body being cleansed by removing animal products from my diet.

The biggest challenge has been to just get some routine meals down, do some prep work and grocery shopping.

But this would be the same challenges if someone was trying to eat more healthy even if they weren’t going Vegan.

Part of the reason I wanted to go Vegan was to experience the positive side effects such as greater energy, clarity and focus. But so far I’ve not experienced any noticeable subjective changes. Maybe it’s because I was eating a healthy animal diet and the change won’t be as drastic? Or maybe it’s a bit too early to see to judge the effects.

Let’s see how week 2 goes.

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