Eating Vegan Diet – Day 8

Day 8

Week 1 over and now week 2 starting.   And here we go,…


Muesli bowl with almond milk, banana, raspberries, and green apple for some crunchiness.


Quick avocado toast.  Can never go wrong with that.



Some lentils, green peas, and whole wheat toast.  Would have preferred to have some pita or brown rice with the daal but that’s all I had.


Ordered some scallion pancakes and vegetable dumplings from a nearby restaurant.



Today was my least prepared day as I was away from home.  So I didn’t have any of my meals ready ahead of time. My protein intake was definitely lower today. Getting adequate carbs is pretty easy on a vegan diet.   However if I want to increase my lifts and muscle mass I want to be more conscious of my protein intake.

I was still was able to make some of my regulars and ordered out because was just feeling lazy.  It could have been better but overall it was an ok day diet wise.

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